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I LOVE my lashes!! Thanks to referrals from two completely unrelated people I was introduced to Michelle and have been seeing her consistently since early 2013. I have received more compliments than I can count on my lashes from friends, family and complete strangers. They look both natural and amazing! I have not used mascara or an eyelash curler since I begin seeing Michelle and rarely do I feel the need to even add eyeliner. I can get up in the morning and go workout or run to the grocery store all without feeling like I needed to put makeup on first. In fact, when I tell people I'm not wearing any makeup they usually don't believe me. Having lashes has become my most fun and affordable splurge that makes me feel more feminine every day. Michelle will take the time to educate you on care in your first session so that they can last several weeks. She's easy to chat with so if you come back with concerns or questions she's more than willing to answer them for you. You will pay a whole lot more to get the same look in an overpriced fancy salon. Sure that may be fun to go to once in a while but if you become addicted to your lashes like I have, you won't be able to do that regularly. Michelle has more experience than most technicians in Austin which is something you can't be guaranteed at most other high turnover spas. Try it out and once you begin seeing her regularly,you'll love how easy it is to book your appointments online in advance. (Highly recommend this because she gets booked weeks in advance!)

Angel Carter

I love seeing Shelley each month! Her lash services are pristine and it's easy to book my appointments online through her website. No stress! I can always count on Shelley and her team to call me with appointment reminders, which are very helpful because I'm always on the go! I refer all of my friends! Truly the best in Austin, by far!


Katherine McCommon

Michelle is very nice and genuinely cares about her clients. She is also very flexible and has accommodated me late evening. Her work is great and the product is awesome.

Jessica A. Amaya

Ms. Shelly has been making me lash-fabulous for nearly two years and I couldn't imagine my eyes without extensions. Talk about a confidence boost! Shelly is absolutely amazing at not only lash application but creating the perfect look just for you. I LOVE MY LASHES!

Erin Marino 

I was recommended to Michelle after my friend had told me about her. I always admired her eyelashes and I knew I wanted them too! I have been going to Michelle for about 6 months now and couldn't be happier! My eyelashes look so natural and I get multiple compliments on them daily. They are very easy to take care of and last for almost a full month! I always enjoy my appointments with Michelle as she is so friendly and professional. I highly recommend her work! 


I just can't say enough good things about LashMe and the service that Michelle provides. I've been going to Michelle for lash extensions for almost six months now and couldn't be happier with the results. My own lashes are naturally very short and I've always wanted a fuller look. Visit after visit, Michelle makes my eyes look brighter with a full and natural lash look. The monthly membership makes it very affordable and the convenient downtown location makes it super easy to get to. I was hooked after my first appointment!


I have been with Michelle "Shelly" for 7 months now. I started with a groupon and have NEVER looked back with my beautiful, long, gorgeous eyelashes! I am HOOKED! Shelly (Lash-Me) is an expert! She not only listens to what you want, but she can visualize and then carry through with what I have visualized! She is amazing and no matter what, I will ALWAYS find room in my beauty budget to return every month, not only for the awesome conversation and girl time, but also for the fact that I KNOW when I walk out of Lash-Me, I will be a rock star with GORGEOUS lashes!!! Oh and did I mention that she explains what she is doing, how to take care of them, an that scheduling is easy as pie? Yep! I am a fan!!

Michele Underwood

I've been having my lashes done for quite some time now, and Michelle is truly amazing. She is quick, precise , and with a membership - very well priced! I absolutely love that I don't need mascara, and honestly never knew I had so many lashes. Mascara clumps them together, while the lash extensions make them long and individually thick. I get compliments all the time that I "have the most amazing lashes." I am happy to share my secret, because my lashes have NEVER looked so great before Michelle.

In, addition, as a wedding planner , I only refer my clients to vendors that I have personally tried their services, and I wholeheartedly give my seal of approval to Lash-Me to take of our brides and their wedding parties.

Dawn Earley

I first went to see Shelly thanks to a Groupon forwarded by a dear friend who loved her lashes as a birthday treat for myself. I was very wary of lash extensions due to wearing contacts, having sensitive eyes often plagued by allergies, conjunctivitis and other issues. Basically, I consider my eyes (and sight!) my most prized possession and don't take risks with them ever! I've worn glasses or contacts since I was 12 also. Plus, I rely on them heavily for my work as a writer/editor/content creator, as well as singer(to read music and follow direction!) So, I went to her with some trepidation, but was tired of curling my lashes and always wearing mascara. My lashes are still healthy. Plus, they are mostly blonde/brown and relatively straight. 

Shelly was very clear about how the lashes are applied, what the glues and materials are and the possibility of allergic reactions. She also carefully explained all the care issues. I followed all her instructions to-the-letter and have been loving my lashes ever since!

We've gone from longer, thicker to more natural, thinner lashes, and I've gotten tons of compliments on them every month. (Most folks think they are mine, they look so natural!) I even asked my ophthalmologist if they were safe at my annual examination and he told me he's seen no complications so far and was very impressed with Shelly's application. Every visit to Shelly goes very smoothly and I've learned to save money by parking at City Hall nearby (less expensive than 100 Congress). I've also recommended her to many friends. I wish Shelly all the best and highly recommend her for lash extensions, based on my experience. She's saved me lots of time in the AM and perhaps helped save the lashes I DO have, since I don't use eyelash curlers any more! I'm hooked!

Mary Anne C.

I get 45/45 once a month with Michelle. She does an EXCELLENT job filling my lashes every single time I go. I receive compliments daily because she makes them look so natural. She is flexible with her schedule and great to work with.

Kelly L.

I first came to Shelly right before my wedding. So many people commented on how pretty my eyelashes looked. She did an incredible job and I have since become a member. She is professional and the hour flys by everytime. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and I know I'm in good hands. I look forward to coming each month and won't let anyone except Shelly take care of my eyes.


I have been a client with Michelle for about 6 months already and each and everytime she does an outstanding job! Im Always completely satisfied and her advice for trying different looks is great! She works with what you and is super friendly. I definitely recommend if you haven't tried them! Totally worth it.


So basically I was at dentist and the lady was taken close-up of my teeth.  I noticed her admiring my eyes and then she finally said “ you have such amazing lashes, what do you use?”  I explained to her that they were extensions.  She was very shocked and said she could not even tell being that close.  I expressed to her that you cannot even feel them like others I have worn.  Thank you Michelle for always making my eyes and lashes look amazing!!!


I've been getting my lashes done for about 5 years consistently, without any break whatsoever. Out of those 5 years, Michelle has done my lashes for 3 of those years. I found her on Groupon of all places and have stayed ever since because she is so good at what she does. 

I came to Michelle with really thick and heavy lashes. I told her this is how I wanted them. (I knew no better!) Michelle did exactly as I asked though. After a few sessions, she suggested I try thinner lashes and many of them. I agreed with her suggestion and it was my best decision I could have made for my lashes. They stay on better. They don't pull out my natural lashes! Even better, they look amazing! 

What I'm trying to say is that Michelle knows what she is doing. She's been doing this for years! She's trained with the best. She's fast, polite, courteous, and funny! Never a dull moment with her doing your lashes. 

I highly suggest her to everyone I meet. When people tell me to try their lash studio, I laugh. My lash lady is the best out there

Tasha A

I'm a few months into my lashes, and I don't know how I lived without them. Shelly does a tremendous job at getting just the right look. She really knows her stuff and is worth every penny!

Shana Q

Michelle is a therapist and lash queen all rolled into one. I always leave feeling encouraged and beautiful. Her laugh is contagious and she is definitely the most talented lash lady in town  :) she's got me hooked!

Carley Gunter Volk

Michelle works wonders - if you're looking for a specific look, she'll listen to you and make your look work. If you're brave, you can trust her to just do whatever will make you feel beautiful! You can't go wrong with Michelle.

Monica Dettling

Michelle is a lash goddess- a true artist at her craft. People often ask me if my lashes are mine- and I reply, why yes (cause i paid for them). She is one of the hardest working women I know-- a genuine and kind soul.

Emily Darnall

ALWAYS professional, courteous and such a joy to be around. She is so helpful and talented at helping me decide what looks good on me! Love my lashes and love Lash-Me!

Dawn Me'Chele Scoggins Madigan 

Shelly is the BEST! I'm going in for a fill tomorrow and my lashes still look so great that I get compliments everyday! Even my dentist - who is all up close to your face - had to ask me if they were real becasue she couldn't tell. Also, the appointments are so relaxing - I fell asleep! Make an appointment, you won't regret it! Thanks, Shelly!

Nancy Marie

I get 45/45 once a month with Michelle. She does an EXCELLENT job filling my lashes every single time I go. I receive many compliments because she makes them look so natural. She's flexible with her schedule and great to work with.

Kelly Lambert

I am so addicted to my lashes! I couldn't do without them!

If you have not had them done before, don't go anywhere else!! Michelle is a pro - she will make you feel at ease, give you instructions on how to care for them and I cannot fail to mention she's just an all-around great person!

#lashme #lashaddicted #beauty

Shari Rhodes Noonan

Michelle is truly the best at what she does!! She is extremely patient, meticulous and detailed orientated. All of friends comment on my eye lashes and it’s all thanks to Michelle. Highly recommended!

Amanda Rycraft

I was so anxious about trying lashes and Michelle put me at ease quickly and made sure I got just what I wanted! With Michelle you will get great customer service and quality work! Soooo worth the drive from Round Rock to downtown Austin!

Grace Nicholas

If you want out-of-this-world gorgeous lashes then make an appointment with Michelle, owner-operator of Lash-Me, pronto! I have been getting my lashes done by Michelle for years; I get a nap in and leave feeling fabulous. I had been flitting between estheticians until I found Lash-Me on-line. She is fast and talented; catering an array of different styles/types of lashes to your liking - be it au'naturel for everyday or glam for a special event!

Kat Abbott

I feel like my natural self with the lashes that Michelle has done for me are the lashes I should have been born with!  She is so quick with the lashes (because of years of experience). She is very clear on the after-care procedures.  Even when I am due for a fill, they still look amazing.  Book ASAP, you wont regret it.

Veronica G

I have been coming to Michelle for I think 3 years now; maybe 4. She's awesome and fast!  She is always a professional; gives tips on the right kind of lashes to get!  I've been a member for years!  I won't go to anybody else!!

Ursula U

I have been seeing Shelly for 4 years.  She is amazing.  Very talented.   It's amazing what she can do in 20 minutes..which is what she did in a pinch when I asked to be squeezed in and only had a few minutes to spare!  I get compliments on my eyelashes all the time!! I'd like to keep her my little secret, but I recommend her all the time.

Stacita S