Lash Me Eyelash Extensions located in Downtown Austin, Texas 78701
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Lashes are my passion 

I have a beautiful story to tell and do not mind telling you about how my passion began. It happened when a beautiful lady walked through my door and asked me if I could possibly give her lashes? This happened before I opened my business.  I can tell you that something amazing happened to me that day and I will forever be blessed that she choose to come to me that day. I would love to share that with you when you come in so just ask me. 

Lash-Me is located in a 22 story building downtown that is not heavily traveled at this time.  Your appointment setting consists of a lobby area on the 20th floor that has a receptionist and usually just clients for Lash-Me which will be one at a time. You will walk down the hall with me after we wash our hands where I will take your temperature and mine as well. The room that we enter will have two people you and me. I hope this puts you at ease scheduling an appointment and I look forward to meeting you.